This research paper intends to review the mineral development and investment policies of Jordan. The formulation of mining policies that will attract foreign investment must address conventionally acknowledged investor concerns and some new challenges. Issues that have been extensively examined in the paper include country’s characteristics such as geological, political, financial, regulatory, operational, fiscal, social and environmental, and profit and marketing criteria. Once these criteria are analyzed for Jordan, they have been compared to the MENA region to provide insights of possible changes and improvements to both the MENA and Jordan mineral policy. For some time, Jordan’s mineral policies were not favorable for developing the country’s mineral sector, but mineral policies are now being changed to address aspects that need improvement. With better mining regulations in place; more efficient regulatory agencies; more liberal foreign investment regulations; a competitive tax system; upgraded infrastructure; a greater availability of excellent local expertise and skills; as well as a stable economic and political system, this will position the MENA countries as an excellent place to invest in mining and create more economic diversity for the whole region.


Dr. Rami Al Rawashdeh is a Professor in Minerals Economics. He received his PhD degree in Minerals Economics from Curtin University of Technology, Australia in 2007. He received his Masters degree in Mining Engineering from Wollongong University, Australia in 2003. In 2009/2010, he held the position of the Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in Al-Hussein Bin Talal University; in 2017/2018 he was the head of Mining Engineering Department and currently he is a lecturer in the Department of Mining Engineering. He teaches courses related to mining engineering, engineering economics, engineering management for engineers,, renewable energy management, and resources evaluation. His research interests include minerals market analysis, minerals policy, feasibility of minerals projects, resource curse and economic development, and renewable energy management.