A novel imidazolium-based highly efficient, recoverable, and reusable basic ionic liquid [PEMIM][OH] was synthesized and employed as a catalyst for the multicomponent synthesis of tetrahydrobenzo [b] pyran derivatives by the condensation of dimedone, malononitrile and various substituted aldehydes in aqueous media. Novelty, the efficacy of the catalyst, high yields of desired products, greener approach and use of aqueous media make this protocol worthwhile. The isolation of pure, high yielded desired product by sidestepping the column and recrystallization technique was also demonstrated in this protocol. The novel catalyst and synthesized compounds were characterized by using various analytical techniques such as FTIR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, DEPT-135, LC-Mass, Elemental, HSQC, HPLC, TG-DSC, TG-DTG and single crystal XRD analysis.

Dr. Paresh Suryakant More He is Associate Professor in Chemistry at The K.E.T’S, V.G.Vaze College Autonomous, His Research area Solid State in Chemistry, Material Sciences, Composite Materials , Metal Organic Framework and its application, Ferrites and its application in photo degradation, Water splitting reaction to generate H2 gas, Batteries and supercapacitors