Agricultural policies play a crucial part in any economy, Sustainable agriculture policy ensure food safety and socio-economic development but also vary considerably across the various regions of the world, A comparative policy analysis helps to determine various positive and negative factors which can help and promote the implementation of sustainable agriculture policies for future. This article compares three Indian states and one German bio village in terms of their policy. This study uses a systematic literature review of 72 published Journal articles indexed in reputed databases to first identify the key drivers, enablers, and bottlenecks and subsequently, in terms of these, compares agricultural policies of the three best performing states in India (Punjab, Gujarat, Sikkim) and bio-village Juhnde (Germany). NVivo software is used for the content analysis to check the word frequency and relevancy of the research done, ranking of these states, and bio-village extends key takeaway for crafting effective and efficient agricultural policies that can be replicated in other regions. Indian states of Punjab and Gujarat are still lagging in terms of sustainable agricultural policies, exploitation of natural resources is the main concern in both the two states, issues such as low groundwater table and excessive use of chemical fertilizers are still the main bottlenecks for Punjab and Gujarat province. Secondly, the Indian north-eastern state Sikkim has shown the world how the best policies can promote socioeconomic development in any region, the state government of Sikkim has worked as an enabler for the agriculture sector. Germany’s first bio village has paved the way to the other German villages, Juhnde village has set an example for other villages and provinces to install bioenergy plants.


Dr. Sushant Tomar holds Masters in Business admininsration degree in Marketing and Retail, currently a research scholar pursuing Ph.D. in Organic farming policies in context to value chain development from Graphic Era (Deemed to be University) Dehradun, India. He is having more than 5 years of corporate experince in different verticals of sales and marketing, his core area of speicalisation is business development and project consultancy, currently he is working on the project with NABARD for upliftment of the rural organic farmers.