Water scarcity is one of the biggest threats of the climate change, specially in mediterranian region. The higher the temperatures the lower the rainfall and the effects of water scarcity are already a problem. More over, the biggest economic sector in mediterranean region is toursim and has a high water footprint, between 3 and 5 times higher than local hauses.
Circular economy practices apllied in hotels could help in facing the water scarcity. It consists in treating the water in the same hotel for their reutilization (decentralized systems). There are several option to apply circular economy of water in hotels. One of them is vertECO a nature based solution that has been demonstrated technically and economically feasible to aply in hotels.
The treated water meets with all the europaean legislation for treated water reuse and the pay back period for a hotel of 440 rooms is 5 years if the water price is 3 € per cubic meter. If we consider also co benefits the pay back period is even lower.

Dr. Miquel Estelrich Born in Mallorca and aware of all environmental problems He decided to study environmental science in Girona. During my degree He had the pleasure of being part of LEQUIA a research group focused on water treatment. One finished his degree He decided to improve his aknowledge about the science of water. During his master thesis in ICRA He got in contact with Alchemia Nova Gmb H a company from Austria focused on nature based solutions to solve environmental problems. His key role in Alchemia was to study more in detail the performance of vertECO technology and investigate about their costs and benefits. At the same time that he worked in Alchemia he also worked at Green Building Management as a sustainability consulter facused on a building sector. On April 2021 he left behind these two jobs to join Cushman and Wakefield, a Real State advisory company. My role in Cushman and Wakefils is to help our clients, some of the biggest real state owners in the world, in applying sustainability in their assets.