This research proposes a framework for sustainability assessment for power plant projects. The proposed framework integrates sustainability and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to achieve enhanced results concerning sustainability assessment in the power plants sector. International and regional sustainability rating systems as well as design guidelines are studied to develop a new sustainability assessment system dedicated to power plant projects. A total of 54 criteria, clustered in eight categories, are considered in the rating system. These categories are: 1) Nature and Urban 2) Site, 3) Energy, 4) Water, 5) Materials and Resources,
6) Emissions and Environment, 7) Operation and Management, and 8) Culture and economy. The sustainability levels are ranked in six levels: Non-Sustainable, Improved, Enhanced, Superior, Conserving, Restorative. The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is implemented to set the weights of the criteria that are considered in the proposed sustainability system. BIM is utilized to develop a plugin for the proposed rating system to determine the level of sustainability of power plant projects. The developed plugin invests the BIM model attributes to provide the stakeholder with an instantaneous sustainability metric tool that saves time and reduces the possible errors. A case study of a 100 MW power plant is presented to test the effectiveness of the developed approach in the sustainability assessment.


Dr. Ali Azzam is a Senior piping design and stress analysis Engineer in Petrojet company in Egypt. He got his Master’s Degree in integrated Engineer in in Design Projects from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in 2020. His research interest is sustainable development asset integrity, mainly in Energy and oil fields. His related research paper was published in Energy for Sustainable development journal, which is Q1 ranked. The research provided an advanced dynamic method for measuring the sustainability of power plants projects by linking the criteria with the Parametric design in the Engineering design software platform, which introduces more accurate and instant results. He got the certification of Leadership in Energy and Environment Design Green Associate (LEED GA) in 2020. From 2014 he worked as a design engineer in Infrastructure, Power generation plants, and Oil and Gas fields. He participated in Megaprojects of design and rehabilitation of Infrastructure and Energy projects in Asia, Africa, and the Middle. In 2021 he started his Ph.D. journey in the Mechanical Design and Production Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. In 2021 he established his own company which provides Engineering solutions in Infrastructure and oil fields.