Biography :
Mostafa M. El-Seddik got his BSc in Civil Engineering at Cairo University, Egypt in 2007. He was awarded the MSc in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering at Cairo University in 2011. He performed his PhD on anaerobic wastewater treatment at Cairo University in 2016. His current position is the Head of Civil Engineering Department at Institute of Aviation Engineering & Technology. He is also a member in the Institute Administration Council. His contribution was significant in IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal in 2014. Consecutively, he worked as a reviewer for IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Brisbane (2016) and Tokyo (2018). He revised several papers for Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research in 2017. He has participated as a peer reviewer for Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier) in May 2018, and Ingeniería e Investigación Journal in March 2019. He published several international papers in Water Science and Technology (2016), Biochemical Engineering Journal (2018), Separation Science & Technology (2019), and Journal of Environmental Engineering (2019).